Stuff About This List

The fics that ate my brain and my heart. This is an on-going list. I'm going to add to it whenever I have time to go back through my bookmarks and add something that I loved. Plus, if something new catches my fancy, I'll put it here. Nearly all of these stories have explicit descriptions of male/male sex. If that's not your cup of tea, move on. Below are recs for Harry Potter, due South, Stargate Atlantis, Pirates of the Caribbean, ST: Reboot, Sherlock Holmes, and Miscellaneous Brilliance I've run across. This is by no means inclusive or a reflection on anyone's writing. It has more to do with how organized I was with my booksmarks at the time. I can think of many fics that I believe should be here, and I just haven't added them yet.

Harry Potter


A Frayed and Threadbare Wish by sansa1970 (Harry/Draco/Draco/R). This is one of my favorite writers, who always intrigues with plot and characterization. I loved this. It's tricky to get into the story, but give it time. By the end of Part I you'll know what's happening.

A Lifetime of Calamities Followed by Dangerous Illnesses by byblythe (Harry/Draco/R). Such smart writing.

A Thousand Beautiful Things and its Delicate Sound of Thunder, by Duinn Fionn (Harry/Draco/R). Always lauded as one of the classics and rightly so.

A Vengeance So Sweet; or When Harry Met Draco and Ended Their War Games by lilithilium (Harry/Draco/NC-17). Based on the movie "Addicted to Love," this is a faithful and nicely done take on this movie with Draco and Harry in the original roles of Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan. The last scene is lovely. I enjoyed it muchly.

Ab Epistulis by autumn_lecroix (Harry/Draco/PG-13). I adore epistulitory fics (obviously). This is an AU set in the future. Very, very well done. Nice Draco characterization.

Beyond the Lethe by zionstarfish (Harry/Draco/PG-13). Wild round of applause.

Blue Vase by ivyblossom (Harry/Draco/PG-13). She calls it schmoopy, I think everyone else says romantic.

Corridors of Power and it's Epilogue by byblythe (Harry/Draco/R). This is one of the most brilliant pieces of fanficion written. Ever.

Currency by circe and blythe (Harry/Draco/R). Another story that is just so goddamn *smart* and *intelligent*.

Different Class by circe_tigana. Anything circe writes, I'm all over. This is more of the usual. By that I mean, witty, sly, and clever, just cracking writing. Go! Click!

Draco, Merrily on High by byblythe (Harry/Draco/PG). THE H/D Christmas fic.

Draco the Magic Dragon by sansa1970 (Harry/Draco/NC-17). I love the Draco POV here. Snarky, funny, edgy, just how I like him. The ending is a little pat, but the journey is so lovely that it's a minor quibble.

Earthbound Spook by cest_what. The writing is exceptionally mature and the concept handled very nicely. Brava!

Humbug (A Christmas Tale) by anonymous. I have a weakness for fics based on "The Christmas Carol," and this is frigging perfect. Draco/Harry/Snape/Ghosts of Christmas=marvelous. HIGHLY recommended.

Interview with a Hero by scoradh (Harry/Draco/R). Draco's turn of phrase is brilliant throughout this. The characterization and dialogue are elegant, witty, and just plain smart. This masks or makes pointless plotlines that I think don't quite work or are clearly there to get person A there and person B there, or some characterizations that have me scratching my head, but sometimes the general writing of a piece is so good that these bumps in the road don't matter. In a story less well-crafted, I'd mind. But here. I am envious of how smart this is and glide over the bumps with nary a thought. This is novel length, H/D, with a healthy dose of OCs.

King Tide by byblythe (Harry/Draco/PG-13). Beautiful and spare writing.

Lamp in the Cooling Room by sansa1970. A heartbreaker of a story. This is yet another stunning story by this author, whose imagination and skill overwhelms me. Again.

Left My Heart and its prequel, Surrender the Gray by emmagrant (Harry/Draco/NC-17). These stories are also classics. Aside from the very decent writing, Left My Heart has the best description of a blow job in fandom.

Momenti Diversi by zarah (Harry/Draco/R). What a lovely fic. It has a sneaky strength about it that I adore.

Nocturne for Quill and Ink by pushdragon (Harry/Draco/NC-17). One of the best post-war fics I've ever read. Highly recommended. The writing is especially evocative.

Obsessive (compulsive) by xylodemon (Harry/Draco/R). The imagery and language in this story knocked my socks off.

Origins by ivyblossom (Draco/Harry/NC-17). I LOVE THIS. Yes, it could use some editing, but it has one of the most fully realized, psychological studies of Draco Malfoy ever written. I need to say this again; I love this story. I consider this a seminal piece in HP fandom. Yes, a classic, but something more than that. A really, gutsy, no apologies look at Draco Malfoy.

Powerful Men by fraych (Harry/Draco/OCs/R). The standout story of the holiday fests for that year, in my opinion. The voice is AMAZING. When people disparage fanfiction, THIS is the story to prove them wrong. I cannot tell you how much I heart this.

Salvation and Sacrament by abbycadabra (Harry/Draco/R). If my fic were half this good, I'd die a happy woman. This is long. Savor every word.

Shadow of His Wings by mira (Harry/Draco/NC-17). One of the top five fics in the Harry Potter fandom. Mira is a fabulous writer. This is, of course, AU since the series was completed, but it is a masterpiece. The characterizations are stellar. Harry is not just window dressing here for showcasing Draco (one of my own weaknesses). He is very well drawn here, warts and all. Plus, bonus scenes with Fred/George/Remus that just break my heart every time I read it. Warning: WIP and at this point it is highly doubtful it will be finished, but do not let that stop you.

Some Kind of Beautiful by nothingbutfic (Harry/Draco/Harry/Pansy/R). This is a great Draco. With all his usual sass, and yet, yet...This is also a great Pansy (of whom I am getting extraordinarily fond of, which is scaring the utter shit out of me). These people know each other TOO well. Know where all the bodies are buried and yet they can't and won't abandon each other.

Take Your Silver Spoon and Shove It by prurient_badger (Harry/Draco/NC-17). This is one of the most original fics I've ever read. Talk about shoving your fandom tropes to the sideslines. To be honest, I didn't get it the first go around, and then the second time I screamed BRILLIANT. Highly recommended.

The If Sieve by cest_what (Harry/Draco/PG-13). This is a wonderful Draco. Complex, interesting, amusing, smart, somewhat of a prat, but a prat that Harry can fall for. And the concept of the "If" sieve is fascinating. Well done and bravo!

The Lodger by mad_martha (Harry/Draco/PG-13). A classic, longish at roughly 47,000 words.

The Reader by bookshop (Harry/Draco/PG-13). I had the privilege of hearing Aja read this outloud at Phoenix Rising. It is a *marvelous* story.

The Thread Measurer's Apprentice by sansa (Harry/Draco/R). Written for the hp10K_showcase. As usual, a stunning piece of fiction from this author. She never writes a wrong note.

The Price We Pay for Wings by frayach (Harry/Draco/R). A writer who really needs no introduction from me. Nuanced and brilliant. The best story of the year as far as I am concerned.

Things That Change by eutychides (Harry/Draco/NC-17). This is novel length and mpreg. I'm not going to get into a discussion why I dislike mpreg. I've heard all the arguments for, and, frankly, to me it denies the very thing that I love about gay men: the fact they are men. I don't want them to be women. I don't want them to deny their gender. Anyway, hot button issue. I love this story. I love it because it is superbly written. It is one of the most honest relationships about a couple with children that I've read. The author does a truly amazing job of writing about a 20-year span and never leaves us feeling abandoned or left out to dry.

Tissue of Silver by fearlessdiva (Harry/Draco/NC-17) A wonderful, wonderful story with a supremely snarky Draco. Also considered a classic and certain one of my top ten.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, its prequel, Tomorrow and epilogue, Daybreak, by November Snowflake (Harry/Draco/PG-NC-17). One of my personal favorites.

Transfigurations by resonant (Harry/Draco/R). I love, love, love this fic. It remains my very favorite. Flawless characterization with a wonderful magical plot. This was written early in the HP fandom and you can tell from the characterization of both Draco and Ron, but it is still a wonderful story.

What Could Have Been (and What Was) by amanuensis1 (Harry/Draco/R). One of those fics that forces you to think. Doesn't spoon feed you. I really liked it.

Vale Sanare by rurounihime (Harry/Draco/NC-17). A amazing story by an author who never disappoints.

Under the Cold, Wan Moon by adjudicated (Harry/Draco/NC-17). A canon Draco, with all his sharp edges intact. Highly recommended. Novella length, so get comfy. Also some very nice Remus characterization. Word byplay between Draco and Harry is delish.


A Choriambic Progression by mairead triste and aristide (Snape/Harry/NC-17). This has an underage Harry so please read at your own risk. Having said that (and there are some problems with the plot), this is exceptionally well done.

Blood and Fire by cluegirl (Harry/Snape/NC-17). Post-war, This writer can do no wrong in my book. She's a master at angst.

Can't Take the Sky by cluegirl (Harry/Snape/NC-17). The writing here is so jaw-dropping mature and tight. I loved this piece. It's long and involved and heart-breaking. Get our your handkerchiefs.

Everybody's Fool by cluegirl (Harry/Snape/NC-17). Another stunning story by an extremely adept writer.

In Between Days by atrata (Snape/Harry/NC-17). A *magnificent* fic.

No Room for the Weak by perverse_idyll (Harry/Snape/Eileen Snape/R). Very, very fine writing.

The Dreaming Spires by DementorDelta (Harry/Snape/NC-17). Delta is a reknowned snarry writer. Of all her fics, this is my favorite.

So Lonely Without Me by calligraphy (Snape/Harry/R). The writer who upsided me on the head about what a marvelous character Severus Snape is. I love this story.

Spliter by sansa1970. A wonderful, wonderful story by an author who is not afraid of her endings.

The Fourth Year by calligraphy (Snape/Harry/R). Not as winsome as So Lonely Without Me, but I loved this story just as much.

What Remains, Else All that Matters by opaguevision (Harry/Snape/NC-17). Harry is appropriately broken, Snape is appropriately bitter. Marvelous characterizations, highly recommended.

When the Rose and Fire Are One by perverse_idyll. This is an incredibly lush story, and by that I mean the visuals are non-stop. It's sensual. You feel the pinprick of the roses. It is also a story that does not compromise on developing its characterization. It's a long story and it HAS to be that long to accomplish what it set out to do. A tremendously ambitious story, the rendering of Snape is meticulous. PI walks that perfect tightrope that I see in Snape: a man who is flawed but does not let his flaws own him. He is majestic here. The ending is PERFECT. I cannot recommend this story enough.


A Soft Place to Sleep by calligraphy (Lupin/Snape/R). At this point, I strongly doubt that it will ever be finished, but accept that and read it. It's beautiful.

Our Masters in the Flesh by penumbra (Snape/Lupin/NC-17). This is completely gut-wrenching, and, I warn you, one of the darkest fics I've read in a long time. Beautifully written.

Night-blooming Heartsease by julad (Snape/Neville/PG-13). A very, very fine story; one of the classics of the HP fandom.

Strange Darkness Comes Creeping by slytherincess (Snape/Pansy/Draco/R). No one write Pansy Parkinson like slytherincess. This is a wonderful, wonderful story. The exchanges between Dumbledore and Snape are exceptionally fine. I HIGHLY recommend this.

Miscellaneous and Het

A Slow-Motion Accident by Duinn Fionn (Ron/Draco/R). This writer needs no introduction and doesn't need my recommendation, but I would like to say for the record that Ron/Draco is a guilty pleasure of mine, but FEW people get it right. It's a difficult one to pull off because they both have the tendency to be utter prats, and how do you get beyond their intrinsic prattiness to some sort of believable coupling? Points in her direction. I enjoyed this mucho. The "voices" are completely in character, and the writing, as always, so nicely done. Brava!

Adjudication by slytherincess (Ron/Pansy/Ron/Luna/Pany/Draco/NC-17). Warning: WIP. This story has one hell of a plot and really made me actually like Ron Weasley. He's a canon Ron (not my favorite character in the series), but I really like him here. Very well done. I hope she finishes it. Oh, and Pansy is MARVELOUS here. It hasn't been updated in a bit, but there are some WIPs where it's worth the temporary ride. This is one of them.

An Introductory Course on Inter-house Relations by xylodemon (Blaise/Draco/Blaise/Neville/NC-17). xylodemon wrote this and she's a fabulous writer and her Blaise is perfect and I loff this muchly. It is superb. Sighs. Why cannot I write fic like this? Why? Why? Why?

Archipelago by mad_maudlin (Ron/Draco/R). I very, very much enjoyed this fic. Her Draco voice is to die for. Wonderfully droll. Ron/Draco is a difficult pairing to pull off, but this is truly lovely.

Coming Up Sometimes for Air by buckle_berry (Remus/Draco/NC-17). This is a most difficult pairing to write and make me believe. Part of it is because most people take Remus and mush him into some non-Remus configuration in an attempt to make this pairing plausible. I agree it's a stretch, but this story is the perfect example of why when it's done well, it works in spades. This is an exceptionally well done Remus (and a nicely done Snape as well, but he does not figure prominently).Extremely well-written, a lot bleak, a little hopeful. Nicely done.

Firecall by snegurochka_lee (Bill/Tonks/Charlie/NC-17). This story has a lot of warnings. Heed them. It's also incredibly twisted and hot.

Fools by lalejandra (Blaise/Harry/R). Yeah, most of you know already know that she can write rings about most of us, but this...this...omg.

From the Patient Files of S. Freud and C. Jung by hackthis (HP ensemble/crack). HAHAHAHAHA!

Full Circle by xylodemon. (Harry/Drac/Ron/Hermione/NC-17). This is such an awesome story. I love her writing.

Houses of the Holy by xylodemon (Regulus/Bellatrix/NC-17). Superb writing. Just superb.

HP Rewind by hackthis (Theodore/Neville, Theodore/Blaise, Theodore/Draco, Theodore/Theodore/R).Look, no one does these guys better. Read.

Inferno by ociwen (Hermione/Lucius/NC-17). God, this is a twisted little story. I loved it!

John Lennon and the Soul of Yoko Ono by nothingbutfic (Neville/Seamus/R). The usual superb faire from this author. The bit about comparing them all to the Beatles is worth reading alone. Claps wildly.

Left Behind: November by Xylodemon (Neville/PG, gen). One reason why I'm so enthusiastic is that it's Neville centric, not my cup of tea usually, but this is so well written from the get go that I can't wait to read more. I love it when author's upset my apple cart. Pulls me into a fic kicking and screaming. But I'm not interested in Neville, I whine. Oh yes you are, says this writer. Yeah, girlfriend, I am.

Lie Low by sheafrotherdon (Remus/Sirius/G). Extremely evocative and well written little piece. The imagery is stunning.

Once Known Rain by sheafrotherdon (Bill/Draco/PG-13). Likes this a lot. Points at you to read it.

May Contain Nuts by scoradh (Harry/George/NC-17). I recced this story when it came out, but when I finished DH, this was the first fic that came to my mind. It was written after HPB, but you wouldn't know it. You'll see why when you read it. The OCs are wonderful and endearing, but it is the relationship between Harry and George that had me glued to my screen. I highly recommended it when it came out. If you missed this the first go around, please click on the link and sit back and enjoy (and sniffle, I did).

Most Loved by kabeyk (Lucius/Sirius, Sirius/Regulus/NC-17). Man, is this fic twisted and marvelous beyond belief. I have an intense squick against incest (except in the case of the Weasley twins, which I see as a form of auto-eroticism). I also do not like fics, generally, where you have adults sexually abusing teenagers. I have a couple of teenagers and it hits too close to home. This fic hits all of those squicks square on the head, and I adored it. It's beautifully written. I can't recommend this more highly.

Once Known Rain by sheafrotherdon (Draco/Bill Weasley/PG-13). Likes this a lot. Points at you to read it.

Our Day Will Come by hackthis (Harry/Ron/PG-13). Once again, hackthis has written something that makes my mouth hang open. Harry/Ron (not my favorite pairing), but it so works here.

Seven Things that Didn't Happen on Valentine's day at Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did by pru (Marauders/R). Your usual brilliant story from this author.

The Shoebox Project by Jaida and dorkorific (maurauders era/slash at the end). This is THE maurauders epic. Sometimes words just fail, you know?

Silent Night by xylodemon (McGonagall, PG-13). Yeah, I love this author. War-time fic so well written that made me just ache.

Sins of the Fathers by blamebrampton. This story begins at the train station with Albus and Scorpius meeting for the first time and becoming friends. Yes, this seems to be the post-Epilogue storyline of choice these days, but this is handled VERY, VERY well. The children are believable, and it's written in that sly manner where the adults (and reader) know what's going on but the kids don't. It's hard to pull that off well and this is nicely done.

Soft Spot for Lost Causes by helenish (Ron/Draco/R). I think Ron Weasley is a hard sell, and this story made me love Ron Weasley.

Stray by calico (Ron/Draco/NC-17). A classic story in a pairing that is hard to pull off well. Twisted in the best way possible.

The Dating Disasters of Sirius Black by kabeyk (Remus/Sirius/NC-17). Why do I love this? First of all the humor is absolutely delicious. This author in particular always reminds me that British humor IS different, and we yanks who strive to emulate it can't help but do a piss poor job. I can TELL she's British. Second, it is damn near impossible to write fic with more than two characters in a scene without it usually spiraling down into some sort of horrible mess of he said, then *he* said. She has all four of them talking all the time, and yet there is *never* any doubt over who is talking. AND she keeps their voices in character. Writing wise, this is the ultimate balls in the air thing. So, in addition to killing humor, she deftly constructs four-way conversations without so much as a blip in the pace of the piece. Thirdly, I've said to her repeatedly that she owns the Marauders as far as I am concerned, and really, it's so damn true. The interaction between Sirius and Remus is, gah! Words fail. You can just SEE them like this at 15 and 16. One of my favorite stories in fandom.

The Fields of St. Herve by arsenic (Remus/Draco/R). NOT my ship of choice by a long shot. But this is one of those sneaky little fics that just grows on you. I don't ever get moved by this pairing, but this fic has more than just Draco to recommend it. Nice characterization and lovely, lovely dialogue. I heart this story a lot.

The Path of Least Resistance by snegurochka_lee (Teddy/Albus/R). Written for the hp10K_showcase. One of those beautifully painful fics that is very, very well written. Highly recommended.

The Reader by bookshop (Harry/Draco/G). Of all of aja's fics, this is my favorite. I had the pleasure of listening to her read this at Phoenix Rising in New Orleans. A quiet fic with a hell of a punch.

The Unconventional Way by kabeyk (Remus/Sirius.NC-17). The story isn't finished, but it's finished enough. You understand from these fics why James is chosen to be Head Boy. This writer is exceptionally adept at having several people in a scene and yet you know exactly who is talking. No mean feat.

Thousandth Man Verse by hackthis (Neville/Theodore Nott/NC-17). I've linked to her memories, so you'll have to sort out what order they "appear" but I cannot say anything more than this series of vignettes stunned me when I first read them. These vignettes are the poster children for the hidden glory that resides in minor character pairings. I LOVED THIS SERIES!

Things We Have Lost (and Found) in the War by xylodemon (Snape/McGonagall/NC-17). Amazing story.

Third Time's a Charm by helenish (Remus/Snape/NC-17). My favorite Snupin.

Through a Shattered Mirror by rushlight (Snape/Harry/Draco/NC-17) and its sequel Walking the Mirror's Edge Warning! If non-con squicks you don't read these stories, also I think one could consider these characters underage. Be warned. If you're willing to take a chance, click away. I think the non-con here is handled in a brilliant way, and I love stories that have dueling POVs. The sequel is written from Snape's POV, portraying beautifully the moral tightrope that Snape was forced to walk and how he couldn't help but fall every now and then when the only issue became saving Draco and Harry and being forced to damn himself in the process.

Trade by hackthis (Blaise/Draco/Draco/Harry/NC-17). You know, I recced this extensively on my LJ and I heard afterwards that people were miffed about the ending because, well, read it and enjoy. It's VERY well done. Please stop indulging in perfectly ridiculous ship crap.

Twentysomething by hackthis (Blaise/Harry/NC-17). Love, love, love this writing.

Woman Eater by switchknife (Pansy/Hermione/NC-17). Twisted and bitter and so well done it makes my eyeballs spin. Well written femslash is a rare animal. Savor this

due South

Ain't Misbehaving by rispacooper (Fraser/RayK/PG-13). This is wonderful. It's beautiful and sweet and touching and

Broadway Hotel by resonant (RayK/Fraser/NC-17). All of res' fics are wonderful. Of all her due South, this is my favorite.


Chicago Is So Two Years Ago by minervacat (RayK/RayV/NC-17). Jesus, I love this. What writing greatness.

Eight Sessions by speranza (RayK/Fraser/R). This writer is famous in fandom for her stellar writing. For me, this story rounded up into a neat package what I love about due South. Two lonely, broken people finally reaching out to each other. The amount of love the characters have for each other in this story moves me to tears every time I read it.

Don't Tell Me Turtles Don't Laugh by rispacooper (RayK/Fraser/R). Yeah, Rispa and I have a little contest going on uniform kink. She got Ray, I got Fraser. I think she's gonna win. Because I heart this so much. The "Ray" voice is just, goddammit, it's just so good. My follow-up to this is Uniform Setting.

Five Stages of Grief by aeyre (RayK/RayV/Fraser/R). Gut wrenching and really well done.

Hawks and Hands by dira_sudis (RayK/Fraser/NC-17). This is what an AU should do. Take characters that you know and love and tweak the holy shit out of them into something different and just as marvelous. Before I read this fic, I hated hockey with a passion. By the end of it, I had learned a whole lot about hockey and even more about Fraser and Ray. It is, IMO, the most perfect example of what makes a successful AU successful. I loved it.

Hanged Man by speranza (RayK/Fraser/NC-17). Man, I love this fic. Twisted and raw and just really fucked up guys trying to survive.

Long Ride Home by brooklinegirl (RayV/Fraser/RayK/NC-17). Man, I love her fic, but this one just put me over the top. Hit ALL my kinks. Boy sex up the whazoo!, threesome, and rimming. Told from Vecchio's POV, this fic has a marvelous voice. I am a sucker for a fic that has a strong voice to it, and this is just so right on. She captures it all: the edge and charisma of RayK, the warmth and other worldliness of Fraser, the WTF! of Vecchio and then the gradual realization that this is it, this is what he needs. I heart this muchly.

One, Two, Three, Two, One by spuffyduds (RayV/Fraser/RayK/NC-17). Man, this woman can write. Seriously, just go to her LJ and start scrolling through her stuff. This is a raw, punch to the solar plexis sort of story that deserves to be read. If you're in the due South fandom, you've read it and wowed already. But for those of you dabbling or just interested in some killer ass fanfiction, go!

Ray Is Not Actually Graphing The History Of His Relationship With Fraser--That Would Be Pathetic, And Ray Is Not Pathetic--But If He Was Graphing It, Even Just In His Own Stressed-Out, Messed-Up Brain, It Might Look Something Like This by sprat (RayK/Fraser/NC-17). I LOVED THIS STORY!!!

The Question of Ghosts by arrow00 (Fraser/RayK/R). Death fic but do not let this put you off. Happy ending. Arrow is one of my favorite due South writers. This piece is a perfect example why: it's evocative, smart, atmospheric, in short, beautifully written.

The Train Goes Slow by atrata (Fraser/RayK/NC-17). This is perfect. Plain and simple. The voice, the characterization, the dynamic.

Things Almost Despaired Of by brynnmck (RayK/RayV/PG-13). Well done. Captures both characters to a tee.

The Three Second Answer by seperis (RayK/Fraser/PG-13). Extremely well done. Like REALLY well done.

Two Men on a Sled (to say nothing of the wolf) by china_shop (Fraser/RayK/G). I find this utterly brilliant.

Walking Back Toward You by prudence_dearly (RayK/Fraser/R). Very nicely plotted fic with great Ray voice. This is typical of this fandom, where you can pull off a whimsical or voodoo plotline and not one blinks an eye.

Stargate Atlantis

4g.l17.t2se.b (residential) by jinjurly (chuck fic/pg). This is just about the only non-mcshep fic here in the SGA section. Based on the film "The Apartment," it's pretty much word perfect. I really like this. It has a quiet sadness about it (like the movie itself). The prequel is here and IS mcshep: 4g.l17.t2se.b (annex). This is also nicely done.

17.5: a Love Story by helenish (mcshep/NC-17). Another marvelous story by Helen. Cripes, she can write.

A Supermarket in California by taffetablue (mcshep/R). I grew up in Berkeley, and I went to Berkeley. So to say I could relate to the setting of this story is the understatement of the year.


A Whole World of Trouble by sheafrotherdon (mcshep/NC-17/AU). This. Is. So. FREAKING. Marvelous. No. Words.

Absurdity Theory by julad (McKay/Zelenka/R). This is HILARIOUS and so sweet!

Advantage by resonant (mcshep/NC-17). The usual Atlantis slave fic but when res writes it, it's unique and so well done.

Ancient Zombies, Brotherly Love, and Other Strange Tales by shaenie (mcshep/NC-17). OH MY GOD! I LAUGHED AND GIGGLED LIKE HELL! Zombies! Hot boy secks! Rodney! Crack! John! Hot boy secks! Shaenie!

And the Glory Has No End; or Clementine by rinsbane (mcshep/R). rinsbane is one of my favorite fanfiction authors, certainly in the top ten. This story had me shaking it's so good. I didn't think it possible I would love any SGA story more than her Unto Jerusalem, but she prove me wrong. Damn, this is just brilliant.

Ascension by soraya2004 (mcshep/NC-17). This is an AU that takes the Star Wars saga and rattles its cage a bit by having John be a Sith apprentice. Trust me, this works on so many levels. I enjoyed it mucho.

At the End of the Pier by speranza (mcshep/R). This shattered me.

Boys Night Out by penknife (SGA/gen). Great, great voice here.

Breath by sheafrotherdon (mcshep/NC-17). STUNNING WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cartography of Touch and sequel History of Maps by pru (mcshep, NC-17). It seems somewhat ridiculous to rec this author because, well, everything she writes is genius, but I rec these stories because they are achingly perfect.

Checkmate Verse by beadattitude (mcshep/R?). Yes, this is the John is a cat series. And it is MARVELOUS! I've linked to the master list so you need to hunt and peck a little to read in chronological order, but it's well worth it. I really like this author mucho.

Clear Daylight by nym (mcshep/R). Subtle and sensual and very nicely written. Highly recommended.

Five Ancient Gadgets on Atlantis Rodney Would Absolutely Piss Himself with Glee If He Found by shaenie and fiercelydreamed (Gen) and its companion piece Five Medical Issues Jennifer Keller Is Really, Really Sick of Treating by fiercelydreamed and shaenie (Gen). I love SGA fics that use the technology as a character. Both these wee fics make the technology sexy and relevant. Love.

Every Day in Every Way by velocitygrass (mcshep/NC-17). Novel-length fic that does a great job of establishing their relationship.

Five Kisses that Haven't Happened Yet by fiercelydreamed and shaenie (Gen). Exceptionally well written. Go!

Harmonic Function by shaenie (mcshep/NC-17). NC-17 like you wouldn't believe. Warning, there's some violence, but it works within the context of the story.

I Still Remember by siriaeve (mcshep/PG). The writing here is sparse in the best possible, with all sorts of nooks and crannies that the reader effortlessly fills in. Loved this.

Ichor by lobelia321 (John/Wraith/R). A stunning, stunning story. I cannot recommend this more highly. One of the BEST fics I've ever read. Sequel with John and Rodney.

Indelible by shaenie (mchep/R). Hands down the best battle scene I've ever read. Don't put off by the kink in the beginning. It's necessary to the plot and only the gateway into one hell of a story.

John Sheppard's Guide to Surviving Project Runway by sheafrotherdon (mcshep, PG-13). Take a leak before your read this because I laughed my britches wet.

Ok Computer by speranza (mcshep/NC-17). Beautiful writing, superb voice, awesome concept. So yeah. pir8fancier envy meter at tilt. I don't know why I'm even reccing this, because pretty much every fic this author "pens" is damn wonderful and people know that and don't need to me point them in her direction. But I'll rec it and then *I'll* have a record of it here. This is just one example where an author takes a concept similar to what the creators had in mind (she was writing this before Season 4 ended), and we are now comparing Elvis-on-velvet with the Mona Lisa. Which is another reason why I'm here in fandom. Because the intelligence here on any given day is not something you find many places. Unfortunately.

Restoration Hardware AU by aesc (mcshep/R). WIP. The Rodney here is damn perfect. John is a contractor, Rodney an academic. The professor you hated and loved. I had a Rodney type of professor. He made someone cry every class. Subsequent chapters here: The Conference, Office Hours, and More Temperate.

Post-Nuptial by pru (mcshep/NC-17). HILARIOUS!

Signs of Life by gloriamundi (mcshep if you look hard/PG-13). Warning, this has major character death. It's gutting and very well written.

Teacher's Pet Series by seperis and miss_porcupine (John/Rodney/R). This is another one of those stories that shakes up your shit. Although I adored all the writing, Chapter 11 is especially well done because it makes the military make sense to me. Which is no mean feat.

The Echos in a Shallow Bay by themostepotente (mcshep+Todd/R). Unusual tone and voice, and for you Todd lovers, he figures prominently. This is very fine.

The Epic Tale of Rodney & John. Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love by bitter_crimson (mcshep/R). This the funniest thing I've read in months. Go, even if you don't ship SGA, if you eat Girl Scout cookies (and who in their right mind doesn't) this fic is for you. I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!

The Te of John by speranza (mcshep, R). As usual, just a goddamn lovely piece of writing. Exceptional John characterization here.

The Ratio of Burning by stillane (mcshep, R). Nice, nice story. Rodney comes back but isn't Rodney. Lovely John characterization here.

Unto Jerusalem by rinsbane (mcshep/R). I read this and thought, why bother writing anything. What's left to say? This is magnificent.

When the Scales Fall from Our Eyes by beadattitude (mcshep/NC-17). This John is beautifully rendered. Broken and clueless and so raw.

With Intent by shaenie (mcshep/NC-17). This writer has an instinct for getting into a character's head that leaves me wowed. Always. Read if you're into the Atlantis boys.

Operant Conditioining by yin (mcshep/NC-17). This is a very satisfying read with some real moral conundrums. Warning dubcon with tattoos trope but this is done exceptionally well.

Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending by helenish (mcshep/NC-17). Yep, another great story by this author.

Pirates of the Caribbean

A Respectable Future (Is Not What Commodores Dream Of) by rispacooper (norrington/OC/hints of sparrington). This is a crossover fic from her Ideas of Sin world, however, don't let that deter you. The characterization of her French aristocrat is so complete that he needs no reference point. Of course, those of us who are IOS hors, are creaming in our pants twice, but that's just because we're IOS hors. Digressing. As always with rispa's writing, this is amazingly evocative and psyche delving the likes of which always has me squeeing. Then the envy starts. Why can't I write like this?????? Anyway, she wrote it before AWE, which shows amazing prescience. Beautiful snapshot of James. A man who has tasted, who knows that it is fatal to drink from that cup, and yet reaches for that glass yet again. Awesome writing.

Becalmed by penknife (Jack/Will/Elizabeth/hard R). An extremely evocative snippet of these three. Very nice.

Contradictions by veronica_rich (Jack/Will/NC-17). An epic AU that doesn't rush these characters into bed. Nice story and character arc!

For Want of a Nail by the_dala (Sparrington/R). Well written hurt/comfort fic.

Legerdemain by veronica_rich (Jack/Will/Tia Dalma/PG-13). A nice little snippet from the DMC verse where we see the distrust and yet strong connection between Jack and Will. I like how this story mirrors CotBP with the sense that this "quest" can't go forward without the two of them working in tandem, and yet the tension between them is palatable. Unfortunately, this sense of camaraderie is missing in DMC (as there are almost no scenes between the main characters and those that do appear on screen are slapstick fight scenes). This author reminds us about the chemistry between these two that made the first movie so successful. Tia Dalma acts as the omniscient voice here.

Matter of Rules by L. M. Griffin (Jack/James/NC-17). This has been called, rightly, THE epic sparrington. One of the first sparrington stories to appear, she set the tone.

Mercurial by penknife (Jack/Will/R). This is a beautifully written snippet post AWE. The sly humor, the deft characterizations, the voice, the mood. It's all there in a few paragraphs.

Moonverse by firesignwriter (Jack/James/NC-17). My first real fandom was pirates. KJ has moved on to life without LJ, and I salute her. She's one talented mfker of a writer and I'd like to see her parlay that into something more lucrative. This is a wonderful, thoughtful piece that explores the dynamic between Jack Sparrow and James Norrington like no other writer I know. Break out your handkerchief, the ending is a killer. My absolute favorite POTC story, bar none.

Moves and Motion by rispacooper. One of my favorite writers does sparrington. And does it very well!

North and South of the River by dala (Jack/James/Will/NC-17). My favorite threesome fic in POTC. It's extremely well done, but then it's written by dala. It's in her memories in her LJ so you'll have to hunt and peck a bit, but it's wonderful.

Put Together Again by rexluscus (sparrington/NC-17). Short but very nicely written.

Survival and it's sequel, Survival: Post-Mortem both by Tessabeth (Jack/Will/NC-17). Both of these have a superb "Jack" voice, but the sequel is heavy hitting writing wise. Really top notch. I'm just going to list all her fic her because it's that good. These are all Jack/Will, all NC-17: Carpe Noctem; Heartfelt, Solamente Alagria, Vicarious (warning, non-con in this story), Succubus (this story is especially fine), Work of Art (great Jack voice here), Thus Inclined, and Slake.

The Pirate Way by heartofslash (Jack/Will/NC-17). This writer got me into fandom. Seriously. This was another case of me bugging and bugging and bugging her for another chapter. TPW is funny, HOT like you wouldn't believe. She pretty much covers every kink in the book. Add to that the most perfect Jack Sparrow out there. Haleth OWNS Jack Sparrow.

Undercurrents by penknife (James Norrington (various/het, slash), JS/ES/R). A very nicely done series of small vingettes charting Norrington's sexual and emotional history. Despite my DMC dismay, this is a superbly written story, with lots of insight and acumen into what makes James tick.

Waking Jack Sparrow (You Must Remember This) by the_dala (Sparrington/R). My caplocks of rage against DMC notwithstanding, the_dala has written a lovely post-DMC story. In the usual, superb dala style. Read, kittens.

Star Trek: Reboot

Passages that Sing by dorkorific (Chris/Zach/NC-17). This is RPS. And it has some of the most fantastic dialogue that I've ever read. It's so, well, BOY.

Sherlock Holmes

Katie Forsythe's Webpage (Holmes/Watson). I'm putting a link to her entire webpage because it's such marvelous writing that you will have to read every single story. Regardless whether she's writing in Watson's POV or Holmes' POV, the writing is absolutely true to the spirit of Conan Doyle. I was toying with the idea of writing in this fandom and now I'm not even bothering. She's covered all the bases and then some.

History, Repeating Itself by gyzym

These Things Were Promises by paperclipbitch (Holmes/Watson/R). My FAVORITE Movie!Holmes fic that I've read to date. This is superb writing. I can't rec it enough.


Visit to Worther Hall (formerly known as the Case of the Broken-Hearted Liar) by rispacooper (NC-17). All Victoriana and Watson-esque. It's as if Conan Doyle wrote slash, I kid you not.

Sherlock BBC

I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew You (Sherlock/John/PG-13) by etothepii. This is a STUNNING, STUNNING story. At this point the best story I've read in this fandom. It is superb.

(so maybe we're a bliss of another kind) (Sherlock/Gen/R) by paperclipbitch. Don't let the band premise turn you off. It's so fecking brilliant that my hands are shaking as I type this. I can't rate this highly enough. This is, to date, my FAVORITE Sherlock BBC story. I can't imagine anything else topping it.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

You Are So Tired (PG/RT/R) by delgaserasca. Lovely, lovely story.


Fifteen Detentions by keneko (Bender/Brian/PG-13). Not so into Breakfast Club, but very into this story. A sweet, gentle story about everyone stepping up to the plate to save Bender from Bender. I liked this. A lot.

Gallant Is Aroused; Goofus Is Horny by David Doty (Goofus/Gallant/NC-17). One day I was at the orthodontist's office with one of my children and I saw a Highlight's magazine. My favorite part of that magazine was always Find the Hidden Picture, but my *second* favorite part was Goofus and Gallant. Now I am more Gallant than I am Goofus, but I always secretly was rooting for Goofus, because I thought Gallant was the *worst* stuck-up prig in the world. Naturally, being the slash whore that I am, I thought, hoo boy, Goofus and Gallant slash, and starting running off one liners to pass the time. Lo and behold, someone has written a hilarious G&G slash schtick. Did I feel pervy reading it? You bet? Did I laugh myself sick. YEP!

Going too Fast, Coming Undone by spuffyduds (Hugh/Callum/Headstones/RPS/NC-17). This is so fucking well done. She is one of my favorite writers in any fandom, but her Hugh/Callum RPS is the best.

Higher Education and its sequel, Bare, by resonant (John/Brian/NC-17). Truth, I hated the movie The Breakfast Club. Just a simple movie pandering to its teenage audience saying, Hey, we're all misfits. Like that's a unique perspective. But this fic. Sigh. When people ask me about voice. This is where I tell them to go. The voice in this is perfect. Perfect.

I Would Rather Be Anywhere than Here Today by spuffyduds (Oliver/Geoffrey/OC/R). Written for the Slings and Arrows fandom. This is really awesome writing folks. It's sad, funny, witty, and just well done. You want to read good writing where you don't need the context of the fanfiction because the writing itself carries it all by its self in wonderful writing glory? GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ideas of Sin by rispacooper (OC, NC-17). I can't tell you how I stumbled upon this original slash story feature James Fitzroy and Rene Villon. I hounded rispa for years to finish it, basically stalking her and nudging her every few months. More, please! It's amazing she hasn't BANNED me, because I truly love this book. It's huge, so get comfy. But it's nuanced and brilliant and I lurve it like few things I've read on the Intranets.

Unsound by shaenie and traveller (NC-17). This story is a RPS LoTRIPS WIP and will most likely not be finished. The writers have moved on to other and better things, but it's unique in two ways. First of all, a seamless interplay of plot and character, only achieved in the most sophisticated of writing. Second, it's tagteam written and the style doesn't waver. I know who wrote whom, but it doesn't crack or betray that. The voice is the same throughout, but not. If that makes sense. So read it, even if you're not into WIPS or RPS. It's that good.