Fics Read by Raitala

Currently, there are several Harry/Draco fics read by the incomparable raitala. I can't recommend these readings more highly. She is my Draco. All of her readings are available here at the Podbean site HERE. The fics that are available include: Let's Pretend the War Is Over, On One's Knees, and Lush Life (with some help from rickey_a reading the indomitable Sam). They are superb readings. I adore every single one.

Fic Read by podlizzie

A lovely audiofic of All the Lonely People is now available in several different versions, so the world's your oyster! Go HERE to enjoy.

Fic Read by izzady

izzady has done an audiofic of my due South story, A Year (More or Less) in the Life. You can catch it HERE. ENJOY! THANK YOU, IZZADY, FOR GIVING MY "RAYS" A VOICE!

Fic Read by crinklysolution

crinklysolution has done an audiofic of my due South story Homeward Bound. Go HERE for download. HUZZAH!

Fic Read by leemarchais

leemarchais has done an audiofic of "Let's Pretend the War Is Over." I think this story is a perfect length (I read it at Azkatraz), and I love hearing how different people interpret it. Go HERE to download.